1970 was born in Kaunas.
1988 finished Kaunas Gymnasium of Arts.
1989 – 1996 studied painting at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Master of Fine Arts degree.
1993 starts to participate in the exhibitions.
1996 – 2010 teaching art disciplines at Kaunas Gymnasium of Arts.
2006 – 2007 art studio ArtClub for children and adults in Kaunas. Professional teaching of arts, individual art therapy. 
D. Čistovaitė as professional artist is also interested in comparative religions, art and aroma therapy. She takes part in the seminars about art therapy, humanistic psychology.

2009 became a member of the Lithuanian Association of Artists.
Art Creator Status by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture.

2010 – lives and creates in Klaipėda.
2010 founds her personal painting STUDIO-GALERY in Klaipėda. There You can see her paintings, silk paintings – hand made sholws, buy them or order individual art work. The art activities for children and adults, silk painting lessons take place in the evening.

“The main theme of my paintings is protection of the human soul, twists of spiritual searches, discoveries of experiences, harmony of nature and man. The inner and outer Light is the basic leitmotif – both as a symbol of the Divine everywhere principle, and as an element of nature. In order to express it, I use different styles in my paintings – mystical realism, soft impressionism, decorative, abstraction, gentle surrealism. Also it is important for me coloristic painting.
My creations are about how we all need that place, Paradise, where we can get away from daytime work and information overload, rest, calm down, look at ourselves and the surrounding and ongoing phenomena from a distance, rethink the relationship with events and people important to us. Stay calm in the heart with our soul and mind. And then dive into the flow of life, live, create, change refreshed.”

D. Čistovaitė uses oil and acrylic on canvas, sometimes on wood, watercolor, pencils, personal technique, silk painting. Since 1993 till now she organizes solo exhibitions (16) and takes part in the group exhibitions (more than 30). Her paintings are in the art collections in Lithuania, Japan, USA, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Australia, Finland.

SOLO exhibitions

The Kiss, 2003, 70×50, oil on canvas

2020  ABOUT EDEN, painting, Baroti Gallery, Klaipėda
2016  SEASHORE LABYRINTHS, painting on wood, “Parko” Gallery, Kaunas
2014  SEASHORE LABYRINTHS, painting on wood, “Baroti” Gallery, Klaipėda
2012  SILK MEDITATIONS, silk painting, installation, “Klaipėdos” Gallery, Lithuanian Association of Artists
2010  FLOWERS AND LITTLE STONES, painting, Klaipėda Public Library Art Gallery, Palanga Public Library Art Gallery
2003  WE ARE THE ONE, painting, “Rūta” Gallery, Vilnius
2003  MEDITATIONS, painting, “Eglės” Gallery, Kaunas
2002  LIFE IS A GAME, painting, “Eglės” Gallery, Kaunas
2000  LIGHT VISION, painting, “Langas” Gallery, Kaunas
1997  painting, Raseiniai and Jurbarkas Art Galleries
1997  FROM ANGELS’ LIFE, painting, Kaunas Philharmonic Society
1997  painting, Kaunas Artists’ House
1996  painting, Vilnius Academy of Arts Gallery
1995  painting, “Skliautai” Art Gallery, Vilnius
2014  PAKRANTĖS 1995  painting, “Skliautai” Art Gallery, Vilnius
1993, 1994  painting, Vilnius Youth Theater


GROUP exhibitions

Seashore Labyrinths. Shining, 2014, 90×90, acrylic on wood, frosted mirror

Since 1998 Dalia Čistovaitė participated in more than 40 group exhibitions.



2018 May BALTIC BRIDGES ’18, International Symposium of Watercolour, Druskininkai
2013, 2014  HOLY LAND ŠVENTOJI MEMORY SIGNS, Symposium/Plain air, ŠventojI
2010  FINDING THE SEA COAST ’10, International Art Symposium, Palanga